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Welcome to Cabin Fever Studio Productions

Creating REAL music with REAL musicians

Cabin Fever Studio Productions is a full service, 24 Track analog to digital hybrid studio with a wide array of the newest equipment and full closet of industry standard microphones.

Studio Production:

Full service analog to digital, band and/or individual sound recordings. Studio musicians available if needed.

Video Production:

Cabin Fever Studio Productions has done video production shoots for American Hearts Radio and CTN.

Music Management:

Music With A Message Management is a part of CFSP. Our artist availability is limited and chosen at our discretion.

Record Label:

Cabin Fever Studio Productions is proud to be a part of Charted Records , a reputable and well known label representing the best and top notch artists.


Our mission is to create the best music we can. Cabin Fever Studio Productions thrives and prides ourselves on keeping it as natural and organic as possible. Real people making real music. We appreciate good talent and enjoy working with it! We take pride in helping artists and musicians reach a goal they only dreamed could be possible. As Currie Wayne Clayton says, “The proof is in the pudding!” If you are recorded at Cabin Fever Studio Productions, you have reason to be proud.



The idea for Cabin Fever Studio Productions came to Lynne O'Quinn in September 2020 during the true "cabin fever" creator...COVID-19!

With Lynne's 30+ years in the music industry (with charted songs and Lynyrd Skynyrd management under her belt), and a growing community of talented young musicians, singers and performers in the area, it was clear there was desperate need for a top of the line recording studio in to serve Fayetteville, Cumberland County and all of North Carolina. Now, working alongside our industry experts, serious musicians have a place to record their music.

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Top of the Line Equipment and Microphones

Our state of the art studio is packed with the all the bells and whistles you will need to create the perfect version of your material. We have an array of microphones, a variety of studio instruments and an experienced, professional audio production professional at the helm to get the perfect sound for your music or vocal recordings.

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