Cabin Fever Studio Productions was founded in September 2020

Our studio was born in the height of the true "cabin fever" quarantine of Covid 19. Our name Cabin Fever is further derived from the log cabin the studio is housed in!

A truly great story of our beginnings . . . I (Lynne O'Quinn) was sent the video TIME (Currie Wayne Clayton Jr) by a mutual friend of ours. I viewed it and thought WOW! I immediately called my friend and asked him to get me in touch with Currie Wayne as I had just begun my management company, Music With A Message Management. Currie Wayne was at my office the very next day and the rest is history!

We immediately knew there was a connection - a God given connection - that was meant to be. The very first day meeting him, he asked if I would manage him and I said yes. It was on! He became a full time "project" LOL. I knew with his incredible talent I would not regret a single moment - which I have not.

Every day became special and unique in its own way. I realized with his talents - songwriter, singer, drummer, guitarist, fiddle player, bass player, keys player, producer, engineer - I could not let him get away! I suggested to him that we begin a studio/production company together and he immediately said yes! (Let me add I am not without qualifications, having been in the music industry 30+ years with many published, charted songs and Lynyrd Skynyrd management under my belt!) So, Currie Wayne and I became partners in Cabin Fever Studio Productions and best friends for life.

There can't be a better story than this! So true and all true! ~ Lynne O'Quinn