Cabin Fever Studio Productions is a full service, analog to digital hybrid studio with A WIDE ARRAY OF THE NEWEST EQUIPMENT AND FULL CLOSET OF INDUSTRY STANDARD MICROPHONES

Our mission is to create the best music we can. Cabin Fever Studio Productions thrives and prides ourselves on keeping it as natural and organic as possible. Real people making real music. We appreciate good talent and enjoy working with it! We take pride in helping artists and musicians reach a goal they only dreamed could be possible. As Currie Wayne Clayton says, “The proof is in the pudding!” If you are recorded at Cabin Fever Studio Productions, you have reason to be proud.

Cabin Fever Studio Productions offers several services

Studio Production:

Full service analog to digital, bands and/or individuals sound recordings. Studio musicians available. Producer, engineer available. Professional writers available. Music management and publishing available upon discretion.

Our Studio Manager Andy McKinney is a veteran of the music industry and he'll work with our engineers to create your own unique sound! Our state-of-the-art studio will bring your songs to life. We have the resources to rework arrangements or to add guitars, bass, drums, fiddle, keys or vocals. Our songwriting team can fix and rewrite music and lyrics if needed. Send your song to us and we will make it sound exactly the way you imagined it – only better!

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Podcast Recording & Production:

Our studio can easily be used for your podcast too. With the versatility of our facility we can accomodate several guests for the recording and can even use our state of the art equipment for Video recording the podcast or for filming a Vlog or interactive event.

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Video Production:

Cabin Fever Studio Productions has done video production for American Hearts Radio and Christian Television Network (CTN) We have professional videographers and camera techs. Prices depend upon the individual project. Please contact us about our video production availability suited for your needs.

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Music Management:

Music With A Message Management is a large part of Cabin Fever Studio Productions.

Our artist availability is limited and we choose management at discretion. If you are one of our managed artists, you are given the highest quality attention and referrals.

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Cabin Fever Studio Productions is proud to be a part of Forever Bold Publishing, affiliated with BMI and Charted Records Publishing - ASCAP. We are able to offer publishing services to those who qualify and desire professional publishing services and attention.

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Record Label:

Cabin Fever Studio Productions is proud to be a part of Charted Records, a reputable and well known label. This label only represents the best and top notch artists. If signed by Charted Records, you will find yourself well represented and 100% in their corner.

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Studio Gallery:

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